Louisville United Methodist Church

The Good News Church
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LUMC History

For over 125 years Louisville United Methodist Church (LUMC) had been an active part of the Louisville community. Through the decades the core beliefs of loving as Christ does, caring for those less fortunate, and worshipping and spreading the Word of God have not changed.  

LUMC was incorporated in 1891, and the building was designed in the Gothic Revival style and erected in 1892. It was the second church built in Louisville, Colorado, and is the oldest church still meeting in its original building. The church was first named the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The town of Louisville was settled by miners and the man who is credited with starting the church was a mining engineer and preacher named Tom Carlton. Of the 60 pastors who served LUMC in its first 100 years, 57 were students supplied by the Iliff School of Theology.

Louisville hosts a fall festival each year that draws many visitors from surrounding communities. This festival evolved from a bazaar started in 1932 by the Ladies Aid Society of the LUMC Perhaps the most significant local missions of the church are the food bank, started in 1982, and the Jefferson Street Preschool, adjacent to the church building and established in 2008.

The Good News Church